Lab Life

2022.7 Joint lab outing and mini-golf with Franklin Huang's lab. Abhishek and Bruce are our new champions for the Wang lab!

2022.7 Adriana joins the lab as a rotation student from DSCB.

2022.6 Lab escape room outing, and birthday celebration for Simon and William. The team escapes just in time with minutes to spare!

2022.6 Matthew joins the lab as a summer undergraduate researcher from Claremont McKenna College. Welcome!

2022.4 We say goodbye to Honor after two years in the lab. She's off to medical school at Columbia! We welcome back Saphia to the lab as the new lab manager.

2022.3 Lab spring birthday celebrations.

2021.12: Holiday lab outing with the Franklin Huang lab and the Wang clinical group to the Ferry Building and ice skating at the Union Square Holiday ice rink.  Celebrating a happy and healthy holiday season.


2021.12: Abhishek joins the lab as a data scientist. Welcome!

2021.12: Goodbye lunch for our rotating DSCB graduate student, Sneha Rao!  We will miss having you in the lab and good luck with your next rotation!

2021.7: Mini golf and food trucks at the Spark Social with the Franklin lab.  Simon is the champion for the Wang lab!

2021.7 William joins the lab as a research associate, he's hired jointly with Franklin Huang's lab. Welcome William!

2021.6 Simon birthday celebration.

2021.6: Goodbye lunch for Devi after three years in the lab.  Good luck at nursing school Devi, and congratulations!


2021.6: Lab outing at the California Academy of Science!  

2021.4: First lab outing since the beginning of the pandemic!  Lab picnic in Golden Gate park with boba and lots of smiles. 

2020.11: Postdoctoral fellow Samuel Hui joins the lab. Welcome Samuel!

2020.8: New members Honor Paine and Saphia Nguyen join the lab.  Welcome Honor and Saphia! 


2019.12: Lab holiday party at Presidio Bowl with the Huang lab and the Nijagal lab!











2019.11: Game night lab outing with the Nijagal lab at the Game Parlour. 

2019.9: DSCB graduate students Reed McMullen and Aris Tay join the lab as rotation student.  Welcome Reed and Aris!

2019.8: Postdoctoral fellow Simon Bucher joined the lab from France.  Welcome Simon!